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Aaron Ramsey’s thigh injury has healed up now and he might be taking part in Arsenal’s next league match against Fulham which will be played this weekend at the Emirates stadium.

Ramsey had suffered this injury while playing in the match against West Ham United towards the end of the last month. It looked a serious damage initially, but, luckily, for the Gunners, it was just a strain and the midfielder recovered in about 3 weeks’ time.

Ramsey was one of the most in form players for Arsenal before getting injured. He had been playing well in almost every game, but, now, after remaining out for good 20 days or so, it would be hard for him to show that kind of form straightaway.

However, the Arsenal management would not be that much worried about his form right now. They would just be happy with the fact that he has got back to 100% fitness because he is going to be vital for them in the remaining part of the season.

If the Gunners have to keep themselves at the top of the league table till the end of the season, they need their top players available and Ramsey is definitely one of their top players.

Apart from Ramsey, there is one more Arsenal player who is close to making comeback after getting rid of his injury problem. That’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. The 20 years old Englishman had got injured right at the start of the season playing against Aston Villa and has been out since then.

Theo Walcott’s injury against the Spurs had shaken the Arsenal supporters a bit, but, now, with these two players ready to return to the scene, they would be hoping that their team keeps rolling as it has done so far.