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Aaron Ramsey wants Arsene Wenger to stay in charge of Arsenal

Another Premier League season has reached it´s end and Arsenal has yet again failed to lift the domestic league title.

The 2016-17 season has not been a complete disappointment as Arsene Wenger was able to push Arsenal to a FA Cup victory after they defeated Chelsea in the finals with a scoreboard of 2-1.

This is the 7th FA Cup title that Arsene Wenger has lifted during his 21 year-long tenure that he has spent at the helm of the English Premier League club.

Aaron Ramsey played a substantial role in Arsenal´s FA Cup victory as he scored the winning goal which edged out the triumph for his team over Chelsea and throughout the entire season, Ramsey has been an influential figure as well.

Considering just how impactful Ramsey has been in recent times, a contract extension for the Wales performer is something that Arsene Wenger should be thinking about doing as the current contract of Ramsey expires in the summer of 2018.

Some supporters and players of the club are extremely happy to see Arsenal winning this title while others aren’t as they just want the club to end their Premier League drought and finally lift the trophy that Wenger has failed to do since the season of 2003-04.

In spite of Arsenal´s recent underwhelming string of performances in the Premier League, Aaron Ramsey still has faith in Arsene Wenger and the 26 year old midfielder wants to see the French manager continue his stay at the Emirates Stadium.

´´Of course I want him to stay. He’s been fantastic for me, fantastic for these players. He deserves this. He’s changed the system and it’s paid off so hopefully he’ll be here next season because he has earned it´´ Arsenal´s Aaron Ramsey said as he voiced his support towards Arsene Wenger.

Fortunately for Aaron Ramsey, following the FA triumph, Arsene Wenger´s contract was renewed for 2 more years as it seems like despite the lack of truly major titles, the head chiefs of Arsenal still have faith in the French manager.