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Chris Coleman backs Picking up Local Coach over foreigners

Chris Coleman is not a big fan of foreigners coaching the national teams and that is why he reckons FA should pick someone of English nationality to coach the Three Lions.

Coleman also was in the frame for the England job, but, he ruled himself out saying he comes from Wales and would like to coach only Wales in international Football.

Coleman’s answer on England job was, “They must hand it to one of their own rather than to someone belonging to Wales or somewhere else.”

“In my opinion, it’s always better to have a countryman coaching the country than a foreigner because a foreigner is never going to be as passionate for it as a son of the soil would be.”

Coleman also had a message for his ex-club-teammate Southgate who has temporarily been put on the England hot seat.

As stated by Coleman, Southgate does not look much interested in it at the minute and has to take it up only because of an emergency situation with Sam’s dismissal happening so quickly and England’s next game just looming on the horizon, but, it is possible that after the temporary stint, he might give a nod to go further with the job.

Coleman was quoted as, “I myself had the same feeling that I couldn’t take over Fulham on a full time basis, but, after going through a few matches I was assigned initially, I felt I liked the responsibility. So, I believe it will clear Gareth’s mind either way. He might fall in love with it or he might say ‘Nah, I am not really into it’.”

“Gareth is not one of the loudest characters you will meet, but, very, very intelligent. A lot goes on inside his head.”