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Arsenal finds new way for Criticism

A huge criticism of Arsenal this season been their inability to win home matches.

The club, however, again something for the home supporters to cheer by getting a 2-0 win over West Brom. This was the first victory for Arsenal in three matches and one that increases their chances of finishing in the top four. Fans, however, expressed disappointment at the club being content with a top four place once again by leaving huge empty seats towards the end of the game. Alexis Sanchez came up with two brilliant goals to secure three points.

Aaron Ramsey admitted that the players had been made aware of the displeasure from the supporters. He felt that the victory came a little too late for the gunners in their hopes of winning the title. Poor form in 2016 has been the major factor in the club dropping out of the title race. It was only during Christmas that critics expected Leicester City’s title challenge to wither away. However, it looks like Leicester and Tottenham will be fighting for the title in the last few weeks of the campaign. The former are especially in a stronger position than ever before. Arsenal are now expected to get consistent set of results since their remaining games are largely against relegation threatened opponents.

"We played with a lot of belief and intensity and we made a lot of chances.We haven't been at that standard of late and we needed that level of performance for us and our fans.We needed that. We played with a real purpose.We have been frustrated with the way we have been playing but that is what we are capable of. It may be too little too late but we keep going," said Arsenal midfielder, who has struggled to score goals like in the past.