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Aaron Ramsey has something to Say about Arsene Wenger

Aaron Ramsey reckons that Arsene Wenger has to cope with a bit too much of flak which shouldn’t be the case after the kind of services he has provided to the Gunners over a big length of time.

After being very promising for the initial part of the season which they almost always happen to be, the sting has come out of Arsenal’s campaign and they are now not battling for the ultimate glory in England.

Like previous so many seasons, they have again come down to a point where they are only battling for an entry to Europe and not for the top flight glory and an entry to Europe is certainly not enough to please the supporters anymore as most of them have now started to call for Wenger’s farewell and for him to be got rid of.

But, as per Ramsey, the coach is not the villain as he is portrayed to be and if Arsenal’s campaign has fallen off the track, it’s due to the gentlemen who have represented the club on the pitch which are the players and which include him as well.

In the words of Ramsey, “Look, there is no ban on expressing your opinions. Each and every guy who exists on the planet is free to do so, but, I don’t find myself agreeing with a lot of stuff that’s being spoken about Arsene of late.”
“He, in my opinion, has served Arsenal as well as anyone else. He is a brilliant coach, absolutely brilliant and I would be honest with you, I think he has been failed by us players.”

“Needless to say that losing matches the way we have, there is massive disappointment in the group at the minute, but, it’s important we gather ourselves for the Liverpool match.”